The Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco
Annual Sanctioned AKC B Match, Event #2019079103

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Hosted by Catherine & Charles Comroe

Match Entry 20, consisting of 2 puppies, 14 adults, and 4 veterans

Juniors Entry: 1

Meet our Judges:

Brittany Parton – Match

Miss Parton has been involved in the dog fancy from a very early age, when her mother was active in Samoyeds during the 90’s and would take her on trips to conformation matches. That love for the fancy evolved into interest in Salukis as an adult, where she operates under the kennel name Kushryn. She has been active in conformation and lure coursing for ten years, is a member of several breed clubs, and is the current Vice President of the Northern Cascade Saluki Fanciers. She shares her home with two Salukis and a Basenji and hopes to pursue breeding plans in the future that combine classic American and European lines that preserve the beauty and drive of the breed.

Lois-Ann Snyder – Junior Showmanship

Greetings, my first Saluki arrived in 1979 and they have been a large part of my life ever since.The hounds of Impala have participated successfully in conformation, obedience, Rally, lure coursing and open field coursing.Recently I have been licensed by the AKC to judge Salukis as well. For the last year I have co-owned one of my dogs with a junior and this has sparked my interest in Junior Showmanship. As there is no one more important to the future of our sport and our breed than our youth exhibitors I wish to become licensed to judge Junior Showmanship as a way to give back to our sport.

Match Chair: Catherine Comroe

Match Secretary: Cindy Steiner

Ring Stewards: Cindy Steiner & Susan Schroder

Match Results and Critique

Judge: Brittany Parton

Puppy Conformation Classes

9-12 Month Puppy Dog – entry 1

1st in class: Khabi, Issibaa’s Lek Leka, 6/4/2018,
Bibiana & Roman Ormandy, Cindy Taylor, and Sharon Kinney

Masculine, cream parti dog with good substance for his age. He had nicely moderate rear angulation, but was a little rear high at this stage in development. Promising front angulation and good carry-back of ribs. Would like to see him at a later age when he settles into his angles and his topline evens out. He was my Best Opposite Puppy in Match.

6-9 Month Puppy Bitch – entry 1

1st in class: Rina, Jazah’s Rina’s dot Asmaanii, 10/26/2018, Catherine Comroe

Feminine, black and white party bitch with moderate angulation and a light frame. Compared to the puppy boy, lighter in substance. Very balanced in angulation all around and made a very pretty box on the stack, with nice leg under her. She moved lightly and from the shoulder, although she showed her age coming and going. Topline was smooth with a lovely transition from neck into shoulder. She was my Best Puppy in Match.

Best Puppy: Rina

Best of Opposite Sex Puppy: Khabi

Adult Conformation Classes

12-18 Month Dog – entry 2

1st in class: Decker, Doubletime’s Stranger in Paradise, 4/26/2018,
Mary Ann Lillemo & Catherine Comroe

Dark cream boy with a light, boxy build and moderate angulation all around. He had a very smooth topline and transition from neck to shoulder. He showed his age in chest depth, which will come with time. He moved lightly around the ring and was clean coming and going. Promising youngster.

2nd in class: Super, Aziz Supernatural Impala, 2/19/2018, Lois-Ann Snyder & Deric Aube

Flashy cream male with more substance than the other boy in his class. He had lovely layback of shoulder and fill in the front for his age, with great carry back of rib. A little longer in the loin and knee to hock, but he carried himself well. He moved with power, but showed his age on the down and back. Would like to see him after he settles into himself.

Open Dog – entry 2

1st in class: Lukas, Dadaelis Galadrial Pepper, 8/24/16, Bibiana & Roman Ormandy

Moderate black and silver boy with a little more substance than the other boy in his class. His front angles made a pretty picture on the stack, with good depth of chest, width, and return. His rear angles were a little more moderate than I prefer, but he carried his topline well and moved with grace. He was fully clean coming and going. I later gave him Best Opposite Sex Adult in Match.

2nd in class: Jericho, Bahia Jamora Star Journey, 8/25/2016, Kathy, Jak & Thaïs Anderson

Stylish tri-color boy with a distinctly curvy outline. Elegant head type and leggy, boxy build. Shoulders not quite as laid back as some of his competition, but he had lovely front fill and return. I would’ve preferred to see a little more width in first and second thigh to balance the front. He moved lovely on the side and was clean coming, but a little off going. Would love to see this boy again on another day.

12-18 Month Bitch – entry 2

1st in class: Tilly, Doubletime’s Discovery of Paradise, 4/26/2018,
Sawyer Turner & Catherine Comroe

Feathered black and silver bitch. She and her competition got the worst of the rain, so both seemed chilled when on the stack. Despite the weather, this puppy bitch carried her front well, with promising angles and a smooth topline. She also had great carry back of rib and lightness of foot. It was difficult to judge movement due to the weather, but she seemed more comfortable and easy moving than her competition.

2nd in class: Arya, Doubletime’s Trouble in Paradise, 4/26/2018,
Pam Bechtold & Catherine Comroe

Feathered black and silver bitch, who looked very similar to her competition. If I guessed, they may have been littermates (I checked later and they were). Very similar in overall type and movement to my first place winner, but a little less return of upper arm. She seemed overall less comfortable than her sibling. Would like to see her on another day in different weather.

Novice Bitch – entry 3, 1 absent

1st in class: Eve, Doubletime’s Evening in Paradise, 4/26/2018, Catherine Comroe & Mary Ann Lillemo

Moderate, irish-marked cream bitch. Good depth of chest and balanced angles front to rear. Her topline was smooth and she carried herself well on the move. Compared to her competition, she was a little more settled into herself and her angles. Her pasterns were a little straighter than I prefer.

2nd in class: Fluffy, Zia Dragon’s Milk for Impala 2/3/2016, Lois-Ann Snyder

Smooth cream bitch with a curvy outline. She had exotic features, but was a bit more extreme in outline than her competition. Would’ve preferred a smoother transition neck to shoulder and across the topline. She moved lightly on the side gait, but showed her age coming and going. Would like to see her when she has settled into herself.

Bred by Exhibitor Bitch – entry 3

1st in class: Callie, Vindhem Kyzyl Kum Maha Callista, JC, 5/28/2016, Wendy & Brian Duggan

Smooth cream bitch with exotic features and curvy, moderate outline. Lovely head type with nice, high ear set and far-seeing gaze. She caught my eye immediately on the stack and did not disappoint on the move. She moved lightly and with efficient grace and really screamed saluki type to me. She was the most conditioned of all the dogs in the ring that day. I didn’t have much to critique her on, but would like to see a little more depth of chest which could come with age. She showed herself well throughout the day and later out-moved her competition. She was my Best Adult in Match and overall Best in Match.

2nd in class: Ivy, Doubletime’s Poison Ivy in Paradise, 4/26/2018, Catherine Comroe & Mary Ann Lillemo

Red, feathered bitch with a little more substance than her competition. Lovely front angles and just the right amount of leg to balance her outline. Slightly longer knee to hock than the other girls in her class, but moved well.

3rd in class:Aliyah, Vindhem Kyzyl Kum Maha Aliyah, 5/28/2016, Brenda & Lennart Johnasson

Gold, feathered saluki bitch with pretty head piece and lighter frame. Nicely moderate rear angulation, which matched her front. She was balanced moving, but was a little happy with her handler on the down and back. Would’ve preferred a little more bend of pastern.

Open Bitches – entry 2

1st in class: Tezzy, FC Tezzy Av Vilje og Ve, JC, SC 3/25/15, Wendy & Brian Duggan

Smooth, cream-parti bitch with elegant head piece and curvy outline. She had a lovely topline, with a nice transition into croup and plenty of leg under her. Compared to her competition, she seemed a little more mature and showed it in her front fill and depth of chest. She moved lightly and with grace, clean on the down and back. I later ran her against my Best Adult and on that day, she was just a little less engaged and didn’t move out quite as well as her competition. Overall, a very lovely bitch that speaks saluki type.

Mia, FC Chaya’s Mia Perro of Doubletime, SC, 11/12/2016, Catherine Comroe & Maryann Lillemo

Feathered, parti-red and white bitch. She had a pretty, boxy outline with plenty of leg. Compared to her competition, she was just a little less mature in depth of chest. Would’ve preferred a little more bend of pastern.

Best Adult: Callie

Best of Opposite Sex Adult: Lukas

Best in Match: Callie

Non-Regular classes divided by sex

Veteran Dog 7-9 – entry 1

1st in class: Dozer, GCh. Doubletimes Matrix Reloaded,CD, BN, CGC 4/26/12,
Mary Ann Lillemo & Catherine Comroe

Feathered, black and white parti dog. Lovely, boxy build and handsome head piece. Very balanced in angles front to rear and he had a great attitude for his handler. His topline was smooth and strong and he maintained efficient, light movement. Later, he was my Best Veteran in Match.

Veteran Dog 10 years + – entry 2

1st in class: Dusty, Ch. Sadik Akhtar Dust in the Wind, 1/8/09, Jim & Linda Griffin, Yvette Alley

Stylish red, feathered boy. He had a little more angle knee to hock than I prefer, but he had the best shoulders out of all the dogs I went over that day. His side gait remained open and free, but he showed his age in the down and back. Loved his happy attitude.

2nd in class: Rider, Ch. Sadik Midnight Rider, 1/8/09, Jim & Linda Griffin

Stylish black and silver, feathered boy. He had great presence in the ring and was balanced front to rear. Compared to his competition, he had a little less shoulder layback and smooth transition from neck to topline, but was a little more balanced overall. Lovely veteran.

Veteran Bitch 7-9 – entry 1

1st in class: Rowan, Doubletime’s His Latest Flame, 7/12/09, CGC,BN, RN,RI, TKD,
Pamela Bechtold & Kirby Overcash

Red and white, feathered parti-bitch. She had a lovely topline and great carry back of rib. She moved well on the side and had great ring presence. Would’ve preferred a little less loin, but overall a nice veteran. She was my Best Opposite Sex Veteran in Match.

Best Veteran: Dozer

Best of Opposite Sex Veteran: Rowan

Judge: Lois-Ann Snyder

Junior Showmanship – Novice Jr.

Best Junior Handler Sawyer Turner